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Carlos Phoenix

Artist to Internet personality
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SciFi Fantasy Artist

Since 1989 Carlos has created memorable fantasy scenes for many companies from Jive Records to Marvel comics

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Content Producer

The Lounge Network presents the best of indie artists from music to film. Produced by Carlos, he focuses on inspiring content for new artists.

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Running his own screen print and design business, shows the flexibility in creativity and service. He sold the business in 2014. The Art of Tees was a success.

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From Film to television, Carlos Art Directed various projects, done post production and currently does his own shows with The Lounge Network.

The Lounge Network

Trained artist expanded his trade to work in all things creative.
From Traditional to Digital

He has worked as an illustrator in sci-fi/ fantasy genre, and then entered the film industry. His career began in advertising doing paste up mechanicals for magazines and newspapers for Wells, Rich, Greene in NYC in 1985. Later during college,  he was drawing while riding a NYC subway. A person working on an independent film asked if he could do storyboards and this started his experience in film production. Eventually he was hired to build sets and set dress. From that point on, Carlos pursued doing film and television, including commercials and various independent films while still working in the art field illustrating album covers. He has also worked on various music videos, including Busta Rhymes "put your hands where your eyes can see", and story boarded scenes for Tyler Perry's "Diary of a Mad Black Woman" and commercials for Nelly's Sweat Suit album.

  • From Storyboards to traditional oil finished illustrations

  • Basic Concepts to art directing a small design team

  • Shooting video and post production

  • Using it to launch small business, proven successful to get the word out.

Current Projects

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